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Female Singer Songwriter

Female Singer Songwriter – If you sing and play an instrument then by now you need dreamed of being a section of the music industry, and make the big time as a singer songwriter. However, no matter whether you play rock, country, pop or some other style of music and you also had music lessons all of your life, you know all of the tips and tricks for making a great melody, you might still stumble every once in awhile and have what it’s termed as a writer block.

Now, if you want to make it into the music business and be a hit songwriter, you can’t really afford lacking ideas and inspiration. You must have great songs and strive, but what can you do when you’re blocked and can’t write?

There are a few methods and tools used that will help you write a great song. And with a new song that sounds amazing, you’re certain to capture the attention of some big fish. If you want to become a famous singer songwriter you need to have great songs – without them, you won’t make it and does not get any music awards ever.

So, what are the secrets behind being a hit songwriter? What do other singer songwriters have and you also don’t? Well, to begin with it’s not about songwriting techniques, songwriting competition or another type. It’s all about melodies.

Female Singer Songwriter
Without a doubt a story. Not so long ago, a young man had a lyric in the head – only a single verse, not just a whole song. He took that single lyric generating it into a chorus, as well as used it as a title for the melody. He then took his guitar and played an easy chord pattern that had become the chorus. With that simple piece of music, he began lyric writing – merely a verse at first, then the bridge. He started recording his chorus, verse and bridge. The lyrics were catchy, the melodies were perfect and also the whole song was an easy task to listen. He then added another verse, and the song was done. Once went with his song for the recording studio, he added some nice beats, some other instruments, and with the assistance of songwriting software, he was able to make it really professional sounding. He sent this song being a demo along with other of his own songs. Overnight, his song was a hit single, a favorite song for the youth, and his awesome music career shot to popularity.

Female Singer Songwriter
The above story will probably be your story. Learn from it, because it explains the songwriting process, and when you stick to the above songwriting tips and tricks, you’ll have an album right away. Song writing is a skill that can be learned, and as a singer songwriter you need to be able to write songs fairly easy. This is not the ultimate way for writing songs, but when you listen to other artists which have a huge audience, you’ll find that their songs are mainly chorus driven.


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